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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yeah, I'll Pass, Thank You..

So I have been thinking lately. Am I doing the right thing working out at home? I mean, I have gotten results. I love the programs. I love the whole workout experience. I love being able to not have to bundle my kids up and take them out to a gym daycare or wait until my husband is home so I can go to the gym alone. But AM I am really making the right decision handling my fitness this way?

I am on Twitter...and I have a lot of moms who follow me and with whom I follow, some are very much into going to the gym. They seem to love that time away from the house. Although recently I've seen a lot of tweets about the cost of gym daycare, the kids throwing fits and moms getting pulled out of their classes...but that's not really research. Right? So I decided to take a step further and look into a local gym. See if I'm really missing anything. This is what I found..

For my husband & me to both join the gym. Because let's face it. If I get to get out of the house to work out, then I know he would want to, too. It would cost us, $1,140/yr. Or $95/mo. We are more than welcome to cancel our membership within 10 days, but if we decide to cancel after that time period. We'd be charged $200. And if we didn't want to sign on for a whole year. Let's say we just wanted to do 6 months. It would cost us $65/person. With a start up fee of $150/person. And again if we canceled after 10 days we'd be charged $200. Oh and rates are subject to change per the gym's discretion. Oh and you STILL have to pay for some of the classes and services even with the membership.

I stopped there. I didn't even feel like researching any further. That amount of money is incomprehensible for my family. We have 3 kids. We live on a budget and to be honest with you, although I probably could cut things out to be able to afford to go to this gym. I'd much rather have that extra money for many other things that we enjoy. Such as our children's activities, remodeling our house, landscaping the yard. Wouldn't you?

So I am definitely happy with my decision of choosing Beachbody. I have not even put in 1/3 of what a years membership would cost to get a huge assortment of programs that both my husband and I enjoy. I am actually MAKING money by being a part of the company. And best of juggling schedules to figure out who's going to watch the kids and when. That right there equals more family time, and you CAN NOT put a price on that!!

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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Gym memberships are so expensive, we work out at home too. I also feel like I am pretty short on workout time as it is so taking the time to drive to the gym would cut into the workout time I do have.