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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Shakeology is here! It's here!! It's here! Watch the video first..and then read on!

Pretty neat huh? The following is information sent to me by my coach and I wanted to share it with you as it best describes Shakeology..I couldn't say it better myself!

This is a meal replacement shake with 70 different ingredients in it (too many to name.) NO CAFFEINE. The ingredients cover 6 macro & micro nutrient groups: digestive enzymes, protein/amino acids, vitamins/minerals, anti-oxidents, phytonutrients, and pre-biotics. Bascially it takes out all the guesswork for proper nutrition. You literally get all the veggies you need in that shake. Of course, I still want you eating veggies. :-)

A 90-day clinical study led by a MD was conducted with 2 test groups. The first group only used Shakeology once/day. The second group used Shakeology once/day, plus exercised 3x/wk and ate healthy.

The first group, on average, reduced their oxidative damage by 45%, reduced their degerneative disease (forgot to write down the %), reduced cravings, and lost 10 lbs. The second group had all of the effects of the first group, PLUS, on average, reduced their total cholesterol 30%, reduced their LDL (bad cholesterol) 38%, and reduced their cardiovascular risk 24%!!!!!!!

Again, as a medical professional, I had to pick my chin off the floor.

In comparison to several other available products, such as Jamba Juice Acai, Herbalife, Monavie, and V-8 V Fusion, Shakeology blows them all away!!!!

For a 30-day supply (one shake per day,) $119.95 is retail, $107.95 is club members, and $89.86 is coach price.

Once you start breathing again :-), I want you to know that this is actually a great deal. It's comes out to $4/shake for retail and $3/shake for coaches. Remember this replaces a meal. I mean, how many of us drink Starbucks? Starbucks runs, on average, $4/specialty coffee but may be 360 cal, 51 carb, and 46 sugar. Shakeology is only 140 cal, 17 carb (that's only 1 carb serving), and 9 sugar.

As I started breaking down the cost, I want you to know that I realized this is the perfect time to become a coach. Coaches receive 25% off all products. The savings is $30/month. Coaches pay a $15/month business fee. We still save $15 from retail cost!!!!!!!! In essence, that is $180/year!!!!! The initial coach fee is $40. Because we have $30 discount from the retail cost, technically it would only cost $10 to become a coach!!!!!! This is an exciting time!!!!!!!

You can order from MY WEBSITE, or you can EMAIL ME and I can answer all of your questions. We can even set up a meeting over the phone or IM if you want to talk more one on one about any of Beachbody's products or about becoming a Coach yourself!

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